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3 unexpected things about engagement

Almost 2 months in, I now consider myself the resident expert in engagements. Not really, but wow can you learn a lot in such a short time. Or maybe not learn so much as realize what you don't know. As we close in on the last month before the wedding, I wanted to share some… Continue reading 3 unexpected things about engagement

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Greenville Date

Since J & I had prior commitments on Valentine's Day this year, we decided to celebrate the weekend after. Whatever "celebrate" means... Neither of us are that into Valentine's Day, but it has been awhile since we went on a real date so it seemed like a good time to make some fun plans. Since… Continue reading Greenville Date

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Navigating Long Distance Relationships, part 3

From part 1…. “When J first started the process of pursuing a job back in South Carolina, my heart sunk. I had watched friends go through long-distance relationships and swore up and down that was not the life for me. I remember telling J that during a period of time where he was doing a… Continue reading Navigating Long Distance Relationships, part 3

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3 Tips for Building Community

Maybe you just moved to a brand new city for college or a job and you are starting from scratch. Maybe all of your friends have moved away and you are having to start over with building a community. Maybe you have never really had a great, life-giving community, but it’s something you long to… Continue reading 3 Tips for Building Community

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It’s about the Kingdom

Hopefully y'all don't mind some really real, heart-level posts back-to-back. I promise to get back to our regularly scheduled oils & fitness programming soon. There's just a lot swirling in my heart right now and I think it's too good not to share! To be very transparent, this summer has been hard. Hard in a… Continue reading It’s about the Kingdom