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Lip Balm

Hey friends! Checking in on the blog in the midst of the holiday craziness. I have been hard at work editing my Etsy shop and getting new products ready to go for Christmas. Today I spent a looooonnnng time making and packaging lip balm. I decided I would share my super simple recipe with you… Continue reading Lip Balm

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Thieves to the rescue!

Howdy blogging world!! After a little hiatus over the holidays... Well more like a period of oh-my-gosh-I-dont-even-have-time-to-shower-let-alone-think-about-blogging... I am happy to say I am back, and I'm back with an awesome essential oil testimonial!! My testimonial starts out not so awesome though. It starts out last Thursday evening when my 6 week cold seemed to… Continue reading Thieves to the rescue!

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Peppermint Chocolate Soap

I finally tried out my peppermint chocolate soap recipe today!! The recipe may need a little tweaking, but overall it was pretty successful. I'm not going to post my exact recipe because I have spent a lot of time playing with it and making it my own, but you can use any soap recipe you… Continue reading Peppermint Chocolate Soap

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Coconut Lime Salt Scrub

Summer is HERE! And I sure am happy. I just got done with a week of horse camp. 22 kids, 7 horses, and an awesome group of staff made for a great week, but by the time Saturday came around I was feeling the need for some extra pampering! I have been wanting to make… Continue reading Coconut Lime Salt Scrub