Hey y’all, it’s Carolyn here! I am a 24 year old Liberty University grad (Early Childhood Ed B.S. + International Studies minor). I was raised in Georgia by parents from California + Colorado. I have a deep love for the West Coast and most days I feel like a cultural contradiction, but I will always say y’all and I love some fried okra.

Here on Enthusiastically Simple, I talk about my journey with Jesus and what He is teaching me. Hopefully I can give some helpful tips on walking with Him and studying the Word.

I also love to share about time management, productivity, self-care, and using your planner to help you make more time for the things and people you love!

I’m very passionate about health and wellness so I write a lot about essential oils, healthy eating, fitness, and making the transition to a non-toxic life. Educating others and helping them to live healthier, happier, more active lives makes my heart so happy!

Finally, I love traveling, hiking, and camping. Follow along as I document my adventures!

Through all these things, my goal is to simplify, simplify, simplify.

Simple things can be extraordinary with a dash of enthusiasm!