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taking care of yourself pre-wedding

13 days out from our wedding, and it’s getting real! Today I wanted to share some ways I have been taking care of myself amid the stress of wedding prep and moving. While some people go on extreme pre-wedding diets, adopt new workout routines, or spend lots of money on new skincare methods, I haven’t strayed too far from my normal day-to-day. But I have tried to be intentional with the way I take care of myself so I not only look, but FEEL my best!

1. consistently exercising & moving my body.

I’ll admit that my gym sessions have WAY declined in these couple of weeks leading up to the wedding. I’m just busy and tired and don’t feel like driving 25 minutes to the gym most days. BUT- I have been making sure to get some light exercise each day, whether it’s some body weight strength training movements or going for a long walk. Having light, but consistent exercise really helps me to feel good while being gentle with my body.

2. staying consistent with vitamins & supplements.

This one I’m honestly having to work hard at because it’s easy for me to forget, but I’m really trying to be on top of taking my iron supplement, vitamin C, and using my Young Living progesterone supplement as well as their Endoflex blend to keep my cycle regular and support my hormones! Right now I especially can’t risk getting sick or having a hormonal crash.

3. getting whatever sleep I can, whenever I can!

My schedule has become pretty open ended now that my job has concluded. It has been hard to structure my days without any kind of routine or appointments I need to make, and that has messed with my sleep schedule. I’m not as tired at night, and I don’t have anything forcing me to get up in the morning. I tend to feel very guilty for sleeping in, but right now that’s something I have to kick to the curb. If sleeping an extra hour helps me get a little more rested in a time where I really need it, I’m embracing it instead of resenting it. In a few weeks, life will be back to normal and I’ll be an early riser once again.

4. being intentional with my skincare routine

Ugh this one has been hard. I am notorious for ignoring my skin, not taking off my makeup at night, etc. Thankfully my skin is generally pretty kind to me so I can get away with it, but I really would prefer to not have some massive blemish in my wedding pictures so I’m trying to be consistent with taking my makeup off in the evenings, exfoliating regularly, and keeping my face moisturized. You know… just the normal things other girls do every day.

Hopefully these pre-wedding tips can help you if you are getting married soon and are trying to take care of yourself amidst the wedding planning craziness! If you are already married, tell me what you wish you would have done to take care of yourself if you could go back and do it again?

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