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Greenville Date

Since J & I had prior commitments on Valentine’s Day this year, we decided to celebrate the weekend after. Whatever “celebrate” means… Neither of us are that into Valentine’s Day, but it has been awhile since we went on a real date so it seemed like a good time to make some fun plans.

Since he only lives about 45 minutes from Greenville, we decided I would drive up to his apartment and we would head on to Greenville together to walk around and grab dinner before heading towards the North Carolina border for some contra dancing at the River Falls Lodge.

Before we left Clemson, we stopped by the baseball field and J showed me a deck where we could get a good view of the game without actually going inside. We stayed and watched for a little bit; he watched the baseball game, but I was mostly watching the group of elementary school boys playing tackle football below us and the occasional brawl that ensued. As we were heading out, we noticed the football stadium was opened up for people to pop in and take pictures, so we did! We had plans to go to a Clemson game earlier in the year, but it didn’t work out so this was my first time in the stadium. Of course J has been there many, many times.

image2 (8).jpeg

Once we got to Greeville, we planned first thing to go to a shop J had been telling me about because it was going to close soon. Unfortunately it was already closed when we got there, but it was near one of J’s friend’s apartment. He jokingly suggested we go knock on the door, and I said yes! So we popped by and knocked. He wasn’t home, so we sent a selfie instead.

image1 (12).jpeg

A few minutes after we left, J’s friend texted him. He said we had just missed him and asked what we were up to. We oh-so-graciously invited him to join us on our next part of the day– hitting up Methodical Coffee. J had never been there before and his friend is pretty into good coffee, so we had a lot of fun sipping and chatting.

image4 (4).jpeg

After Methodical Coffee, we walked over to a store just across the courtyard called Mast General Store. It’s a massive general store with all the fun and quirky general store items you expect as well as outdoor goods.

After walking through the shop, we parted ways with J’s friend. Unfortunately it was too dark and cold to walk around Fall’s Park, which was my main objective for the day. We have walked around it many times in the dark, but I don’t think we have ever actually made it there with any daylight left. One day.

We decided on Tupelo Honey for dinner, as we have already tried to go there a couple of times and it didn’t work out. The wait was an hour and 45 minutes so we almost left again, but it turned out they had space for us immediately at the bar! I always really like sitting at the bar in restaurants… I don’t really know why. It’s always extra chill and I like the people watching. So we ordered what J deemed a “very German” beer, to share, since we still had a lot of driving to do. For dinner, I ordered the sweet potato pancakes plate which was LOADED with fried chicken, fried eggs, candied pecans, and more! J got sweet and spicy fried chicken with collard greens. We did a lot of swapping bites between our plates, and everything was so delicious.

image3 (7).jpeg

After dinner, we debated calling it a night because we were both pretty tired. We mustered up all our energy and decided to go ahead and go to contra since we had made it this far. It has been over 2 years since the last (and only) time I went, although J went many times throughout college, and it was fun to be back. We got there halfway through the dance and only stayed for 2 dances, but it was just the right amount of time! We got some good people watching in and took a quick walk down to the river before we headed back to Clemson.

image2 (7).jpeg

It was such a relaxed and fun day of being together, and it made me super excited for when I’m able to move to Clemson and we are able to take day trips to Greenville more often!

image1 (11).jpeg


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