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Self-Care Tips

Productive Self Care

Self-care. Such a hot topic these days! I definitely think there are unhealthy and indulgent forms of self-care, but in this societal moment where people are busier and more stressed than ever before I believe that intentional rest is so important. Especially from a Christian perspective where self-denial is esteemed, self-care can be frowned upon as considering one’s self too much. The point here is that we can’t adequately serve others from a place a depletion, so we need to take the time to get filled up in order to pour back out. Self-care doesn’t look the same for everyone and so much of it depends on your personality and lifestyle. So as an ENFP and Enneagram 9w8 (which if you know anything about 9s you know that means I’m unfortunately prone to too much self-care) here’s what works for me!

Basic hygiene counts. It’s embarrassing to say this counts as self-care for me, but one of the best things I can do to care for myself in a way that is not just bubble baths and naps is to make sure I’m taking off my makeup in the evening, brushing and flossing, moisturizing my face, etc. These things should go without saying, but sometimes it’s harder for me to be consistent with daily care than it is for me to indulge in more frivolous forms of self-care. Doing these little things really pays off in the long run.

Exercise. This is one of the greatest forms of self-care for me! My body needs to move to be happy and healthy. The endorphins released from a good workout do way more for me than a nap or Netflix binge. I feel better, I crave better foods, my mind thinks more clearly, and any angst or irritability gets taken out on the workout.

Expanding my mind. I love to think and learn, so for me a great form of self-care is reading books, listening to podcasts, or browsing the internet to learn something new and have some new nugget to mentally chew on.

And also shutting it down. Other times, I don’t need to think and I actually need my brain to take a break. These are the times that watching a good show on Netflix, enjoying a glass of wine and a cheese plate while listening to music, or taking a warm bath can help me unwind and shut it all down for a little bit so I can return to my stressors rested and refreshed.

Get outside. For me, being outdoors is so necessary to feeling mentally and emotionally healthy. Spending time in the woods, driving to the mountains, or just walking through a garden can make such a big difference in my feeling rested and relaxed.


What are some of your favorite ways to take time for self-care? And I would love to hear how they relate to your personality type! Share in the comments below.

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