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Why I Quit Caffeine

carolyn loves coffee. If you were to ask my friends and family what they think of when they think of “Carolyn,” I can almost promise you that “coffee” would be included in their response. In the peak of my college career, I was consuming 6-8 cups of fully caffeinated coffee every. single. day. From the… Continue reading Why I Quit Caffeine

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Self-Care Tips

Productive Self Care Self-care. Such a hot topic these days! I definitely think there are unhealthy and indulgent forms of self-care, but in this societal moment where people are busier and more stressed than ever before I believe that intentional rest is so important. Especially from a Christian perspective where self-denial is esteemed, self-care can… Continue reading Self-Care Tips

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December Essential Oil Diffuser Favorites

My favorite essential oil diffuser blends... Here are a few of my FAVORITE essential oil diffuser blends this month! I have been diffusing lots of blends that remind me of holiday candles without all the toxic chemicals, as well as blends that promote wellness and immunity in the middle of the season of sickness. Christmas… Continue reading December Essential Oil Diffuser Favorites

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

If you are like me and wrapping up your last minute Christmas shopping, I wanted to help you out and show you some great ideas I found while browsing the web because let's be real... who actually goes to the store to do their Christmas shopping? It's way more fun on the couch! To know… Continue reading 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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3 Tips for Building Community

Maybe you just moved to a brand new city for college or a job and you are starting from scratch. Maybe all of your friends have moved away and you are having to start over with building a community. Maybe you have never really had a great, life-giving community, but it’s something you long to… Continue reading 3 Tips for Building Community