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Thieves Household Cleaner

Fall is upon us!

Not really… it sure doesn’t feel like it at least. Here in Georgia it’s still blazing hot and summer is in full swing until halfway through September, but schools started back today and we all know what that means…


Tonight, many an innocent child will come home from school sharing all about their day and also sharing a whole new assortment of germs.

Traditionally we combat these germs with a concoction of toxins, but I have good news– there’s a better way!

Thieves Cleaner

Young Living’s Thieves household cleaner is the BEST solution for year-round germs and cleaning needs. Right now is a great time to hop on the Thieves train as we quickly approach cold & flu season.

I was pretty skeptical about this cleaner at first. I knew it would work, but I also knew I already had the Thieves essential oil blend and I had made my own cleaners before. I saw the $22.50 wholesale price tag and scoffed at spending that much on something I could make myself. What I didn’t know was that this bottle was super-concentrated and from it I could make a whopping 30 spray bottles of cleaner! That’s 75 cents for each 16oz spray bottle. The convenience of simply mixing a cap-full or 2 of concentrate into a spray bottle of water for less than a dollar is TOTALLY worth it to me. And it can be used so many different ways, from windows to floors to bathrooms… you name it, Thieves cleaner does it!

I would love to get this cleaner into as many homes as possible going into the 2018-2019 school year, so for the month of August I am letting anyone hop on my Young Living order and snag a bottle of concentrate at my wholesale price ($22.50+tax+shipping).

If you aren’t ready to commit to an entire bottle, the Young Living premium starter kit includes a sample that will make 2 spray bottles– plus 11 oils, a diffuser, and some other goodies of course! By purchasing this starter kit you will have access to wholesale prices yourself if you want to get a big bottle of concentrate, but you are never required to purchase again if you don’t want to! But if I had to bet…. you probably will 😉

If you are interested in either a bottle of Thieves household cleaner or more info on the premium starter kit, leave a comment below!

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