March Favorites

Whew, I can’t believe March is almost over! This month has truly flown by. It has been full of big things and I’m a little sad to see it go, but I’m excited to see what April will bring!

I wanted to write a little post about things that have been favorites list this March. It’s a little random, but fun to reflect on!

  1. Bethel Music- The War is Over.

This song has seriously been on replay to an almost embarrassing level. I had heard it before, but earlier this March it became especially impactful while worshipping with friends overseas and its meaningfulness has carried back home with me. It is such a powerful reminder that the war IS over and we get to share in Christ’s victory.

  1. Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds.

Thank you, Kroger bulk section. This month, in all of its wonderfulness, has been remarkably stressful. My to-do list did NOT follow my recommendation of achievability in my productivity post, but instead was jam-packed with a million things that absolutely had to be done within a certain time frame. Meals were kind of a foreign concept during this time, but dark chocolate covered almonds were not. I truly credit my March mental and emotional survival to my rabid consumption of these things. I can’t explain why, I’m just grateful.

3. Magnesium

But really though. In the midst of my dark chocolate almond stress crisis, I was struggling with extreme mental/emotional anxiety and stress was manifesting physically. I was staying super sore and achy in my muscles and joints after my workouts, even light ones that normally would not cause me to feel sore at all. I did some research and read about how a magnesium deficiency can cause stress, which can further deplete magnesium, which can cause you to be more stressed, etc, and I decided to try taking a magnesium supplement (I plan to blog more about this later). I really believe it helped with my physical symptoms as well as to calm my mind!

  1. My planner.

Some months are more planner-dependent than others, and March was definitely one where my planner was put to good use. I’m not super snobby or specific about planners, but I do like the one I have right now. It was just a cheap one I found at TJ Maxx (of all places…), but it has served me well!

  1. My Nalgene

I have a really silly security blanket type attachment to my water bottles, and my current Nalgene has been a real pal this month. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

  1. Essential oils

This month has really revived my love for and appreciation of essential oils! I have been using them particularly for allergies and WOW, even as an EO user and believer I have been shocked by the results. Using a blend of lavender/lemon/peppermint throughout the day has eliminated the daily headache, congestion, and fatigue I have been feeling every day from pollen.

There are definitely endless things I could add to this list, but these 6 have been huge over the past month! What has been important to you this March?

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