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Trim Healthy Tuesday- Intro

As busy as this current school year has been, I have been working really hard to re-vamp my dietary habits.

This summer all but wrecked my body from the inside out as I enjoyed “real” Mexican food in Southern California for almost 3 months on a daily basis. Burritos for days, quite literally. Since burritos are quite possibly my favorite food group, it made for an unbelievably enjoyable summer. Until it was over… and my stomach hurt… and my clothes didn’t fit…

So for the 2 months I have been home, I have been majorly cleaning up my diet. I am following the Trim Healthy Mama plan which is basically eating low-glycemic, high protein, and separating carbs and fats into different meals so as to not “tandem fuel” and create excess sugar that will turn into fat.

In the past when I have followed this plan, I have dropped weight really quickly. This time it is taking longer, but I honestly feel like my body is healing from an extended period of me not taking care of it. Even before the summer, I was not doing a great job caring for my body in the way I ate so this has been a long-standing issue. Like I said, I really think my body is healing right now because as I have come off of sugar and refined carbs I am feeling GREAT as far as my energy and health. I am sleeping really well and keeping up with my incredibly busy life.

Part of why I think the weight has been slow to come off is because shortly after getting home I somehow pinched a nerve in my back which I ignored for about a month. It got worse during that time to the point that it hurt to walk, so I quit exercise all together. That’s not saying much, because with my school schedule I had already found myself sitting for most of the day and not moving nearly as much as I had been over the summer. So thankfully I was simultaneously cleaning up my diet, because I can only imagine what my former eating habits combined with this sedentary lifestyle would have resulted in.

I finally went to the chiropractor about a month ago which was when I discovered what was causing the pain, and I started getting adjustments once a week to get it sorted out. Yesterday was my 4th adjustment and today is the best I have felt in a LONG time, which is great because my this weekend my dad offered to get my a gym membership! I have gone twice now and it felt so good to get on the elliptical and finally sweat again; it felt even better to wake up this morning with my back not hurting, which I was really nervous about.

All that to say: on Tuesdays I would like to start posting about the past week’s successes and failures in the realm of health and fitness. Hopefully each week I will have some good tips or ideas to share, such as meal prep ideas, a new recipe, or some of my favorite healthy living resources.

For today, I will leave you with the recipe for the THM apple pie sipper I am currently drinking that is pretty fantastic. Such a great craving killer for all the tempting fall goodies!


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