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The Oil Cleansing Method

Howdy folks! So far we have covered the quick and easy way to clean your face and remove make up. Now we are going to talk about a more in-depth way of keeping your skin clean and glowing. It’s still pretty simple actually, just wash your face with oil!!

I know… I know… I can hear your gasp. I can see you roll your eyes. I can hear you mutter “Yeah right, as if my skin wasn’t oily enough, I’ll wash it with oil…”

Stick this one out with me, I promise this is tried and true and there is a logical reason why it works. Okay? Let’s explore…

The conventional way of cleaning your skin involves scrubbing the sensitive face with harsh chemical cleansers, following with synthetic moisturizers designed to replace the natural oils in the skin, with the occasional harsh toner or application of acne medication. We scrub, we wipe, we apply a little of this, we apply some of that, and our skin FREAKS OUT.

Can you blame it?

And people who use the conventional methods STILL struggle with as much or more grease on their skin. Why? Because when we strip the skin of its natural oils it panics and goes into overdrive, producing even larger amounts of oil.

Here’s what makes the oil cleansing method effective….

Like dissolves like. I almost failed chemistry, but I remember that much. So it makes sense that oil is going to dissolve the greasy build up in your pores. Massaging the oil into your skin loosens up all the gunk, steaming your skin opens the pores and helps them to release what’s clogging them, and then you can simply wipe away the oil carrying the gunk with it.

There are different variations of this method, but here’s how I do it.

First you mix your cleansing oil. The most common blend is castor oil and olive oil. Castor oil is more drying while olive oil is more moisturizing, so the proportions you use will just depend on your skin type. Start with half and half and play with it until you find what feels right. I usually do about 3 parts castor oil with 7 parts olive oil for my dry skin.

That is your base. Now, if you would like, you can customize your blend with other oils tailored to your skin type and needs!

Some “fancy” oils to add for extra moisture and nourishment are…

Coconut Oil- Some people say this clogs the pores but I haven’t had any issues with it and it makes my skin feel great.

Jojoba Oil- A little pricier, but soooo good for your skin! Makes it feel so soft and smooth. When my face feels a little dry I just massage a couple drops of straight Jojoba oil onto my skin. It soaks in very quickly which is nice.

Vitamin E Oil- This is actually a really good cleansing oil combined that with the anti-aging benefits and protection from sun damage, making this a great addition to your blend!

Here are some of my favorite Young Living essential oils to add to my blend…

Young Living Frankincense is my newest favorite to use when cleaning my face. This stuff makes my skin happy. It can significantly improve the appearance of scars and unevenness in the skin tone, as well as support the healing of acne.

Young Living Lavender is a great universal oil. You will see me recommend it for everything, including skin care! Lavender is great for supporting the nourishing and moisturizing of your face, and can really support soothing dry and itchy skin. I recommend adding this to your oil at bedtime to aid in relaxation and getting ready to sleep.

I blend my castor oil and olive oil, add a small amount (a tsp or so, depending on how big of a batch I am making) of my “luxury” oil, and about 5 total drops of the essential oils I choose.

Then I pour about a quarter sized amount in my palm, rub it in my hands to warm the oil, and begin massaging into my face. This should feel really good! I rub it all over my skin, really working it into my pours. I also smear around my eyes as it is a great eye make up remover!

Once it is all rubbed in you can either steam it off immediately, or leave it on as a mask for awhile. It’s up to you. When you decide to steam it, you will need to run the tap water as hot as you can stand it and soak a wash cloth in the water. Hold the wash cloth over your face until it turns cool. This allows the steam to really open your pores. Now that your pores are open you can rub the oil around a little more to really work the gunk out. Then steam again, this time wiping all the oil off with the washcloth when it turns cool.

Pat dry, and you’re done! Your skin should be super soft and absolutely glowing. You can follow up with a couple drops of coconut, olive, or jojoba oil if you feel like you need a moisturizer afterwards. I usually feel pretty well moisturized when I am done though.

That’s it! Pretty simple and very effective.

I would like to add that while there are lots of different brands of essential oils, and many of them are much cheaper than Young Living, I highly recommend you really do your research and make sure that the oils you are using are the real deal. Young Living’s oils are my choice for their high standard of purity and they are completely unadulterated which is not the case for most other brands (even if they claim to be 100% pure). Because the face is so sensitive, you really don’t want the possibility of unknown additives in the oils you are applying to your skin! Yuck!

I hope you give oil cleansing a shot. Let me know how it goes!


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